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Based on the Account type the Client chooses, the said account would have a minimum time comment that it needs to be traded before Client can initiate principal withdrawal.

Note: All trading accounts are held in USD regardless of the method in which you deposited funds into your account, whether though BTC or currency.

Fully Managed Bitcoin Account – Client can start withdrawing principal after actively trading for a minimum of 1 year with proportions of profit withdrawal permitted after a period of 4 months. The class of account operated will also determine the percentage of profit Client will be allowed to withdraw.

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Their knowledge and value added services truly benefit the client!

Anna Fry

I have found Saturn to be a professional and dynamic group; it is a pleasure to do business with them.

Parker Robin

They are highly professional and work to find the best solutions for their clients

Jordan Ray

They are focused, interactive and professional. We find them to be true partners!

Isabelle Keith

I truly enjoy them as people also, which makes for a strong relationship that I hope will continue to grow.

Martin Doc

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The mechanics of industry is easy. The real engine is the people :


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The benefits and leverage credited to the Client’s Account shall be subject to compliance with the terms of the offer that is made to the Client. For instance, making minimum deposit of buying a minimum amount of options under a specific time frame.

Unless it was stated in the terms of the offer, a precondition offered for making withdrawals after making use of Leverage/benefit is to make sure that the leverage funds is not touched. But if the balance that was stated drops below the leverage funds, the Company then reserves the right to proceed on a margin call of the leverage funds offered.

Clients are advised to partake in the offer, but effort should be made not to abuse it. Bonus will be cancelled and Accounts closed on the Company’s website when such privileges are abused.

The leverage/benefits have a defined period and must be used within that period. Details of defined time are provided in the special offer. Client will forfeit the leverage/benefit if it is not used in the defined time frame.

Once the leverage/benefits are received, the Client will have at least 4 months to complete the total amount of investments that is required as a precondition for withdrawal. The Company may move ahead to withdraw the leverage/benefit if the total amount of investments is not completed during the given time period.

For Client to earn the complete value of the leverage/benefits and have the permission to withdraw funds, the Client must complete the full trading requirement that is needed to receive the leverage/benefits.

Once the leverage has been added to the Client Account when trading starts, it will not be removed prior to a margin call. The only way is through special written consent issued from the Company.

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